Colormunki Photo working with Windows 8 Pro?

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Re: Colormunki Photo working with Windows 8 Pro?

Well day two of Windows 8 and now I get a pop-up balloon saying "Display 1 needs to be profiled. Click here..." and the ColorMunki Photo will not give me a "Saveable" profile with either the Easy or Advanced settings.

I put in a support email to x-rite about it since no mention of Windows 8 is on their site at all under support.  They did do something to the software from Windows XP to Windows 7 so something might be needed for Windows 8 to make it run correctly and save a profile.

I pulled out an old Spyder3 and used it for fun.  It likes the display really dim and much bluer than what it was with the ColorMunki Photo (It did work an write a profile with Windows 8 Pro with their version 4.0.2 software).  Very odd between the two and I thought they would be more similar too.  The viewed prints in Qimage Ultimate look more contrasty with a bit of reddish banding showing with the Spyder3 profile too over the ColorMunki Photo one which seemed spot on monitor-to-print.

Aside, Canon 9000 II said I needed a couple of carts.  The refillable ones in it somehow will not write or reset again and shows as "Unidentifiable ink cart" in the Canon software.  I tried some other refills that were re-written a while ago and they worked.  Chips must go bad in them after a few re-writes maybe?  I tried to reset them again and no luck.  I get the solid red led in the resetter tool, but the printer hates them now for whatever reason.


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