X-S1 horrible gradations

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Re: X-S1 horrible gradations

Phil_Rose wrote:

Because even a small amount of zooming in shows the artifacts and squared off lack of nuance. Also, it was a cloudless evening.



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Actually so called fine cloudless evenings are the perfect time for noctilucent cloud formations. As an avid sky watcher and I've been so since I was nine years old , one of the most annoying things that spoil the view through a telescope ( apart from the natural movement of air ) is these clouds. They come in several forms from very light horizontal banding to what looks like ripples in water. They are usually very tenuous and are extremely hard to see, the most common time to see them here in the southern hemisphere is just prior to dark as in your shot.

I've had many a night's viewing ruined by this. As Paul has shown with careful PP work they can be cleaned up, just as many small anomalies can be with digital images. I'd concentrate more on the settings used and go for a little more exposure to see if this increases or decreases this apparent artefact.

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