Travel Bag Recommendation Needed for d600 and a few lenses

Started Nov 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Travel Bag Recommendation Needed for d600 and a few lenses

I have been looking for a new bag as well. The Kata 3in1-25 would work pretty well for you. It has the extra room you want, is very well made, and is fairly light. It can be used as a slingbag or as a backpack, and includes a support for carrying a tripod.

My one concern with the Kata bag it is its appearance: it really looks like a camera bag, and is going to get noticed. I plan to travel internationally in 2013, and would prefer not to advertise I have expensive camera gear onboard.

Another option to consider is the Crumpler Karachi Outpost (Medium). It is very stealthy, has plenty of room inside, is very well thought out, and has a zipper that opens on the panel that is against your back, so it is much more secure in terms of theft.

Both of the bags listed above run about $190 Canadian. I am probably going to get the Crumpler backpack, as it is very well laid out, and has the added stealth and security I want when traveling. You probably couldn't go wrong with either choice, provided it fits in your budget.


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