Pro-3800, out of ink. CIS or use the opportunity to go to something new?

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Re: Pro-3800, out of ink. CIS or use the opportunity to go to something new?

Scot Kight wrote:

So what to do... I've run out of ink and need to plan my next steps. I don't want to shoulder the expense of a full set of epson inks again, so I can either go CIS and get a few more years out of the 3800 or go with a new printer if there is enough of a reason to switch.

That being said, looking at the different printers out there I don't see anything much better than the 3800 over the years in a similar price range. The only real gripe I have is the matte black vs photo black issue with the 3800, and while it drives me nuts it isn't worth another grand or so on something else just to fix that. My printing is fairly simple, mostly home, family and friends plus boarding passes (I just use photo ink so as not to waste the switch.) As for the size, I don't do the largest prints very often, but I love having it just in case.

Whatcha think?

If CIS is the right choice, since I'm out of ink in a few carts, I believe my only option is to go with the InkRepublic system. The other systems, if I am reading this correct, require re-using chips that are over 10%... 3 of mine went empty on the same day.

Suggest you check out the Refillable cartridges offered by Cone Ink people at:

They also have Bulk inks that I read that others use. I started using their Refillable Cartridges for my Epson 3880 around 6 weeks ago and all is performing well. However, I use Bulk inks from Inkjetcarts for my three Epson Printer Models -- 2200, R800 and 3880 with excellent results

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