Nex 6 green artifacts?

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Re: Nex 6 green artifacts?

In the two vids we're seeing flare ghost images. Here's one from a Jessops 81A filter on a Vario-Sonnar zoom:

If you have a UV or other protective filter on the lens, remove it and try again.  It may be the filter.

Image above linked from this article, which you should read:

See also these articles:

In the next-to-the-last one, you're seeing strong veiling flare.

Last one: Flare ghosts

In the following two images, notice that there are colored floodlights (red, green) pointing in various directions. This doesn't look like an artifact to me. It looks like green light from a colored flood:

In summary, I would expect to see all sorts of flare (veiling, iris, ghosting) in some of these images even with a very good lens. When there are strong light sources pointed directly at the lens, you expect to see some flare artifacts.

Again, if you have a filter in front of the lens, remove it and try again.

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