Olympus 17/1.8 review

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Re: SLow focussing seems body reltated mostly

Jorginho wrote:

Agreed hence my reply. I felt he was like I wrote down. I was not being rude but I was being straightforward with him. I simply said how I felt. Not how he behaved as a fact, just how it came across to me. I did not call him names, I did not say he is arrogant. I said that to me his reply felt like this and that...How is that rude? Also he does not get into my remakr at all, only that point that I had to read the whole review. Again....I was wrong..okey. I was 100% correct he used an Oly (as CA and PF with a 20 mm 1.7 is clear sign of not using a Panasonic body...). So for the point I made it was absolutely not necessary to read his review. To me it seemed he had some trouble with the critique, but I am not sure. I don't know.

I would consider your expectation that every impression mentioned needed to be prefaced with a disclaimer as unreasonable (and thus rude).

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