A couple of questions before I buy an OM-D.

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Re: A couple of questions before I buy an OM-D.

micksh6 wrote:

Ray Sachs wrote:

aVolanche wrote:

But my questions involve transitioning from the C1, C2, etc. settings on the panny G3 to the OM-D. I really like using these customizeable modes. I have one set for macro and another for sports.

Is there anything comparable on the OM-D? I've read about "mysets" and they seem exceedingly hard to access. Can the mode dials (especially the P,iAuto) be reassigned to work like the C1,C2 buttons on the G3?

Or are there other ways to do this that I am missing (the manual is NO help).

Mysets is the closest the OMD (or any other Oly m43) comes and its not close. I personally prefer most things about the Olympus bodies relative to the comparable Panasonics, but the Mysets is just about the worst implementation of custom settings I've ever come across. So, no, you won't find anything that is close to the external "C1", "C2", controls that you get on the Panasonic bodies. One of the few really bad downsides to Oly cameras even for an Oly lover like me (that and the way it handles some types of bracketing)...

Now it is better on E-PL5 than on Panasonics. You can assign all 4 Mysets to 4 unused amateur settings on dial mode. Rotate dial mode to choose between Mysets or pure A, S, M.


And HDR bracketing is a separate mode now, with 2-3EV distance between shots, also can be assigned to button.

It's not available on OM-D, only on E-PL5, as well as smaller "pinpoint" focus area.

Wonder if there's a chance any of these features will be added with a firmware update? Does Olympus typically make changes like this?

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