Windows 8 sales 'well below' projections, report claims

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Re: I bought 2 laptops prematurely because I wanted windows 7.

What if the monitor laid flat and you typed on it or used a pen
After using a pad device I can see the advantages over mouse

If I am sitting upright in a chair, looking straight ahead is the most comfortable position for me, not looking down.

As far as using "a pad device", I bought my iPad 2, about 18 months ago. I use it very, very often. Ten hours a week, I'd guess. It's great, because I can use it when I am resting in bed, and/or watching television.

But I find my fingers don't have tips that are as accurate as a mouse pointer. And even so, the back of my finger is what I see, when I point with my finger. With a mouse pointer you have an unobstructed view of where the arrow triangle is pointing.

The tablet experience is inferior to the desktop/mouse/keyboard, overall, but I tolerate it because it's so much more relaxing to be sitting on the couch or resting in bed.

They are just two different deals, each with good points and bad points. And all I am saying is that the desktop/mouse/keyboard deal isn't going to be going away. Because, in some ways, for some things, it's better.

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