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Re: The Guardian newspaper's Photography Masterclass website

Wellington100 wrote:

Some of the articles were worth reading. I liked the ones on landscape and street photography, haven't read several of the others, but the one with the "Choosing the right camera" link (and titled "​Buyer's guide: the 10 best cameras") was inappropriately named. A more reasonable title might have been "Different classes of cameras and an exemplar for each". For the high end PJ/Sports DSLR, the Canon EOS-1DX was chosen. While it's an excellent camera, only an idiot or a photographic newbie with status aspirations or money to burn (doctors, dentist, lawyers. . .) would use this article as the basis for "Choosing the right camera". Near the opposite end of the camera spectrum Nikon's L25 was chosen as the best Budget Compact. Having bought a couple of Nikon's L series cameras, I'm well aware of how mediocre they are, at best. Oops, the next of the ten choices was also for a Budget Compact, Canon's Powershot A4000. If this article was published on paper it would have been a sad waste of paper and ink. There were also two Mid-range cameras selected for the Best Cameras list, Panasonic's TZ30 and Sony's NEX-5R.  I'm suddenly inspired to get a mid-range camera. Will it be the TZ30 or the NEX-5R? I'm not sure which one it will be. If only the choice of colors had been listed I might have had a way to pick the best one. Bleah.  On the other hand, one of the Guardian's sidebar links struck Gold with a link to Silver so there's another reason to thank you for the masterclass link.

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