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Re: FX to DX lens question

Your profile says you live in Essex, UK, and you work as a photographer - so it is surprising you are asking a "very basic beginners" type question.

You must live close to a Jessops store and should be easily able to get to any number of big camera stores in central London.

Take your current DX camera and your 50mm D to any camera store with a demo D600 (or D800) body and look through the viewfinder first with your DX body and the 50mm f1.8, and then through the FX viewfinder with the 50mm - the difference will be obvious.

Then ask the sales assistant to put a DX lens on the FX body and observe how the viewfinder is cropped down to show what you get with a DX lens in default mode.

If you put a DX lens on a D600 the 24 MP is cropped to about 10 MP. It works and you get a picture - but not 24 MP.

The 35mm f1,8 is a DX lens so there seems little point in buying it as you intend to get an FX body. The shop may have a Nikon lens brochure - if not download it from www.nikon.co.uk

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