i wonder why one should not prefer Nikon over Canon !!

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Re: Not so sure about the colors. . .

Glen Barrington wrote:

To me, it seems that the 'specialness' of colors is trotted out all the time for every brand of camera. I've been involved with a variety of cameras and virtually every brand has a cadre of users who claim that THEIR brand of camera has unique and special color capabilities that no other camera can match. I recall that Olympus has had this said about it, as well as Fuji and Canon for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if there were Nikon users who voice similar opinions on Nikon color.

The truth is, it's a reasonably correct statement. Each brand does seem to bring a unique interpretation of color to the table. But I can't help but wonder if the 'color' argument is just shorthand for, "it's what I'm used to working with". After all, none of us seem too shy to change the color characteristics of a photo when it seems appropriate!

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color tones do matter as they were in film brands.. fuji, konica, kodac and so on....

but now in this digital age, cant this be reduces by the use of photoshop, lightroom and many other post processes?

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