A inexpensive UWA lens?

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Re: A inexpensive UWA lens?

BobT wrote:

I really need to stay under $500, and even more with a used lens. We're planning a trip to the SW. My widest right now is a zoom lens, the widest being 17mm. If that's wide enough, no need to look further. But many say it's not. Hence my looking for something wider.

A Rokinon 14mm is a good suggestion. But are the 3mm of more width over my zoom lens, worth even that expense? Then there's the Sigma 10-20mm lens. I'm guessing that 10mm would be of significantly greater width than my 17mm. But I'm not looking to spend money just for the fun of it. If you feel that I can get by with 17mm (for Grand Canyon, Arches N.P., etc), I'm fine with that. How practical is "stitching", and how easy is it to do well?

Since you were considering the Canon 10-22, I'm assuming you've got a crop sensor camera, in which case 17mm is the equivalent of about 27mm on a full frame.  Is that wide enough?  For many (maybe most) shots it probably will be, but there will be some shots where you'll wish you could go wider.

May I ask which 17mm zoom you're referring to?  An option you might consider is selling your current zoom and picking up an EF-S 15-85.  You'd be surprised how much difference those two extra mm make on the wide end.

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