16-85 vs. 18-105

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Re: 16-85 vs. 18-105


I have had both ... on paper or in a pixel peeping test, yes the 16-85 is "sharper",  but real world ??  you won't see it.  The real actual visable difference is that the 16-85 is wider and that last 2 mm is significant for some people (me for instance), just as the extra reach is of the 18-105 is for others.

Just trying to read between the lines - I think the 18-105 is for you because I am guessing cost really is a factor, or to put it another way, you can get a 35 1.8 in addition for the $$ saved (or a tripod, or  a flash etc).

There is nothing about either lens that will promote or inhibit splendid photography on your part which depends on lots more than vanishingly small performance differences between these lenses ...

About the plastic mount - if you manage to break it, I would be worried more about the functionality of the camera or lens after such an accident - in normal use it is not an issue at all - just a way for Nikon to shave pennies off the production cost of the 18-105 ...


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