Hyperfocal on a 16-35 nikon lens

Started Nov 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
Olaf Ulrich Contributing Member • Posts: 955
Re: Hyperfocal on a Nikkor 16-35 mm lens

willo78 wrote:

... my lens only has markings for 2, 1.25, and 1 ft (presumably feet).

I have switched to autofocus to keep an eye on the distance scale on the lens, regardless of the subject distance, it seems to settle slightly to the right of the infinity symbol, is this normal?

When 2 ft is the longest distance engraved on your lens' scale short of infinity then 6 ft is pretty damn close to the infinity mark indeed. In order to have this lens focused at 6 ft, you should aim at something 6 ft away, let the auto-focus focus, then lock or disengage auto-focus.

By the way, all this has nothing to do with hyperfocal distance.

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