Speelights - why not L ion?

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Re: Speelights - why not L ion?

BadMike wrote:

Suntan wrote:

Hugowolf wrote:

Suntan wrote:

Standard AA sized cells are 1.5V nominally (rechargable NiMH are about 1.2V) but one cell of a LiIon battery has a voltage much higher than this.

As such, it would be very difficult to create a standardized LiIon batt. That isn't to say that a company couldn't make a speedlight using LiIon, but most companies choose to make their speedlights compatible with the ubiquitous AA standard.

Sorry, I don't understand your comments. There are loads of rechargeable AA lithium ion batteries around.

Brian A

Point me to a single example of a 1.5V li Ion battery in the AA form factor.


Plenty of 1.5v Lithium disposable batteries -

Lithium yes, but not lithium ion.

Brian A

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