Manual Focus suggestions with legacy lenses on EM5

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Re: Manual Focus suggestions with legacy lenses on EM5

S. Miller wrote:

assaft wrote:

I'm not sure whether it was discussed but try to use the magnified view in different magnification levels. Sometimes the x14 is too zoomy and x7 would be more convenient.


I finally got the IS to work properly - don't ask but it was a double-Doh! moment. That combined with assaft's suggestion to make the magnified view 7x instead of 14x helped tremendously. I'm also realizing that this lens at f/1.4 isn't that sharp and as you would expect, really looks much better stopped down a couple of stops to f/2.8. I chalk that up to the improvements in lens design between a 35-yr old OM 50/1.4 and a lens like the PL 25/1.4 which I find is very sharp wide open.

Anyway, at this point, I can see that I'll need to practice, practice, practice to re-gain a skill I haven't used in 25 years. Owning the 25/1.4 and 45/1.8, there isn't really a need for the 50/1.4 but it is so well made and really is a joy to shoot with that I'm sure I'll find a use for it. Thanks again for everyone's help.

One question which I'm hesitant to ask but will anyway. Mapgraphs mentioned that:

"The bigger problem is that you're using essentially a 100mm f1.4 lens with half the total depth of field than is shown on the lens barrel. In other words, your margin of error is about half of what you were used to 35 years ago."

I understand that I'm using an effective 100mm lens here with the light gathering abilities of an f/1.4 lens. But I also thought that the depth of field was equivalent to f/2.8. That may not conflict with Mapgraphs's statement, but does it mean that for zone focusing with manual lenses, the guidelines on the lens barrel are incorrect? In other words, the first guideline on this lens is at f/4. Does that mean I should really think of it as f/8? Because of the effective 100mm FL, I wasn't really planning to do much zone focusing with this lens; instead I ask out of curiosity.

They are incorrect because the sensor having a 2x crop, you have to use a circle of confusion twice as small as with a full fame camera (for the same print size you need a magnification twice bigger).

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