Canon SX40 or Nikon P510?

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Re: Canon SX40 or Nikon P510?

MarioV wrote:

dandoro wrote:

The advantages of the Nikon over the Canon are - slightly smaller and lighter, HDR, better resolution and slightly better sharpness, better zoom, and the advantages of the Canon over the Nikon are - better low light behaviour, slightly faster, better battery. Am I right? Did I miss something? So which camera is better overall? I would appreciate opinions from people who tried or used both cameras. Thanks.

I dont know about the SX40 but I have the P510 and SX50. The P510 is just as good in good light but I think the lens has better sharpness across the entire field. The SX50 has better focus speed in challenging conditions.

Between the SX40 and P510, I'd go with the P510. Between SX50 and P510, the P510 has better edge-to-edge sharpness, and is an excellent performer in most situations, but I'd probably give the overall nod to SX50 because of the extra zoom, faster AF and better macro performance. They are both worth keeping however.

Feel free to look at my P510 gallery.

I agree with MarioV , Nikon P510 has better edge-to-edge sharpness

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