Manual Focus suggestions with legacy lenses on EM5

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Re: Manual Focus suggestions with legacy lenses on EM5

S. Miller wrote:

I understand that I'm using an effective 100mm lens here with the light gathering abilities of an f/1.4 lens. But I also thought that the depth of field was equivalent to f/2.8. That may not conflict with Mapgraphs's statement, but does it mean that for zone focusing with manual lenses, the guidelines on the lens barrel are incorrect? In other words, the first guideline on this lens is at f/4. Does that mean I should really think of it as f/8? Because of the effective 100mm FL, I wasn't really planning to do much zone focusing with this lens; instead I ask out of curiosity.

Yes, for manual lenses made for the 135 film format (which is most of them), the guidelines can't be trusted. The basic reason for that is that you magnify the image more from your micro four-thirds "negative", as such you should look at the f/4-markings when using f/8, f/5.6 when using f/11 and so on.

When we talk about about having less depth of field with the micro four thirds, it's because we're comparing lenses with the same angles of view. That is, compared to a 200 mm/1.4 on a 135 format camera (which is what you would use to get the same angle of view), your 100 mm/1.4 (on a m43) would have less depth of field.

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