D600 focus system vs D700

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Fred Mueller Senior Member • Posts: 2,528
I have both ...

The older 51 pt system in the 700 just a little more "solid" in its action than the newer 39 pt system. Especially noticeable - the 700 tracks action better, partly just because the tight 39 pt cluster just does not offer as much coverage (pretty disappointing), but also the 700 just seems a little better at the task anyway ...

In single point AF on a static object the 600 actually seems just a bit faster ("snappier"), but not more necessarily more accurate.

I use AF-on programed to the AE-L/AF-L button on the 600.  If you acquire focus on a static point with the 600 (AF-C single central point) and then press to focus again (having not moved the camera), the lens will often slightly readjust - the 700 rarely does that. The 700 seems to "get it right" the first time, the 600 has multiple opinions.

But I bought the 600 to have "a backup" for my property shooting activities, and the image quality of the 600 has me reaching for it almost exclusively now ... for this kind of work the 600 AF system is just fine. And in no way do I want to imply that the AF system in the 600 is "bad".  It is in fact very very good - it's just that the AF system in the 700 is a slice better IMO.  Also, the 700 viewfinder is just a little brighter and clearer than the 600, and the AF points light up brighter in the 700.

The net sum is that the focus system in the good old 700 is just a little easier to work with - that's my takeaway after owning the 600 for a few months.

Now lets talk about the dynamic and color response of the D600 - WHEW !!!!!!! As good as the 700 still is, this is a real and immediately observable improvement, far less subtle than AF system performance

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