Is this considered a reliable Australian News source

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Re: Is this considered a reliable Australian News source

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It's a bit of bullshiit..

"..half said they would not visit the doctor when sick.."

Aussie's have medicare, so doctors cost only the gap payment, about $30 and prescriptions are free or $5 (depending on what welfare you're on).

I won't dispute the 10% poverty thing - it's pretty true, but that is just sensationalist crap.

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I don't care enough about you to put a sig. here.

Medicare is not totally free. There is a 1.5% levy off taxable income.

True, I forgot that bit.. Howard said that the "user pays" - he meant "the user pays thrice".

You pay income taxx, then you pay a levy, then you pay tax on things..

Did you know that in 2004 the take on cigs and alcohol was substantially MORE then they paid out to Medicare.

They could have just allocated that tax to Medicare and it would have more money!

GP consultation is usually free, but the prescription can be quite expensive, $20 to $30 easily.

That's for everyday workers - he was mentioning living on low income (low pay or dole), and low income gets the Medicare drug rebate thing and scripts only cost $5.20 (it might be a little dearer by now).

The problem is that they allow the companies to charge what they choose (under the no-price-fixing laws) and Medicare only pays a certain value, the rest you pay.

e.g. Doctors charge $60, you have to pay $28, or thereabouts.

Interesting. I haven't paid a cent for decades (outside tax levies and drugs) and that includes a couple of visits to hospital for surgeries. I must be on some special deal.

You are the frog in the pot.

Yes, you must be on some special deal - the deal is, everyone around you is paying your bills. You might want to send them a thank you card.

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Rethink your last comment.

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