Diploma of Photography - need assistance with what camera & lens to purchase

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Re: Diploma of Photography - need assistance with what camera & lens to purchase

Hmmm, you are a student, or rather, about to become a student.  And you hope to make a living in photography after you graduate.  But at present, you do not own a DSLR?  Red warning lights are starting to flash.

I have no idea about your financial situation, and you didn't volunteer it.  If you can afford a 5D3, it is a good camera.  A similar statement can be made about the 1Dx, or 7D, or even the current Rebel model, whatever that is.  But, you get what you pay for (approximately), and you can be sure that there will be better camera bodies in a few years.  My advice is, buy what you can comfortably afford now, and don't assume it will be the one camera you will be using for years to come.  Most pros have more than one camera body.  You can use this camera as your backup, or even sell it on craigslist if you decide you need something else, when the time comes.

Lenses hold their value longer than bodies, and you get more improvement in image quality by buying good glass than by buying a better body.  And, as someone else mentioned, don't waste money on buying a cheap tripod.

Good luck with your quest, and hope things work out.  It is a tough field to make a living in these days.

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- Bill

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