If you had £1500 to spend...

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Re: If you had £1500 to spend...

Booker3 wrote:

Well I've had the kit for a few days now and I am seriously impressed and overwhelmed at the same time - lots to learn.

Hey, congrats on the new kit.  Lots to keep you occupied for the next few... years!!!

I love the EF 50 f/1.8 indoors without a flash, I would never have believed you could get an acceptable photo at ISO12800.

Isn't it just amazing?  The capabilities of these new cameras are mind blowing.

One problem I am having which I could do with some help on; white balance. Low energy bulbs, what setting should I be using?

Use the Custom White Balance setting, and WB off of the white side of a Grey Card.  Or just keep a folded piece of white paper in your pocket and use that (that's what I do).  In a pinch, you can use just about anything that's white (just don't overexpose when setting).  Also keep in mind that various "whites" do have a particular Tint to them, and you might have to compensate a bit for that later in PP, but at least you'll be very close from the get go.

I've had a fiddle with DPP and can almost get it right by reducing the colour temperature down to 2500 but it's like it needs to go a bit lower.

I'd recommend shooting in RAW (if you aren't already), as that will let you color correct to any white point you wish (unlike JPEGs).  RAW really isn't that scary, as all you need do is adjust to what your Eye likes.  When finished, I like to convert files to TIFFs and then finish them off in Photoshop.

Shooting in RAW also lets you just use one of the closest WB Presets (instead of the more time-consuming Custom), or even lets you use Auto, because you can always correct later in Post without taking a hit in IQ as you would when shooting JPEGs.

Well good luck and have Fun!


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