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Press Correspondent wrote:

bberg wrote:

I've been fortunate enough lately to have the opportunity to use all three versions of the 5D camera series. I personally own the 5Dc and my work has loaned me the MkII and III versions for an extended period of time. While I will say the 5DMIII is a truly amazing beast, I'm still exceptionally content with the 5Dc. Considering it's relatively low price and age, the results it can obtain in the hands of a skilled photographer are quite impressive. Here are two photos I shot of my son prior to his 1st birthday:

Pretty happy with the results, especially considering I used the much criticized MkI version of the 24-70 f2.8

Anyone else out there still making great use out of their 5Dc?

I do. I've had 5D for 5 years. It has great colors, almost as good as on 10D. 5D also is a dust magnet to both the viewfinder and sensor, has no Live View for precise focusing, especially with manual lenses, the AF is horrible, especially in low light, even with the center point, the LCD is small, the resolution and DR are low, it suffers from banding, the metering underexposes every oher shot, no Micro Focus Adjustment, no video, and it costs about the same as 5D2. (Wait... what's 5D2??? There's no such a model in Canon's history...) Great camera, I can't wait to get rid of it since I bought 5D3. (Wait... 5D3??? What is that?!)

Don't you have a cat to post a picture of? Cats are cute.

5 years and you still can't produce a good image w any 5D variant. Hearing you blather about how inept the original 5D is almost embarrassing. The OP is right on the money about what can be produced w that old useless camera. You on the other hand have spent all your years here measurbating and cheerleading & learning absolutely nothing about photography.

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