My D-800 may be dead

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Re: My D-800 may be dead. Unbelievable.

While canoeing, my companion caused us to capsize and my D-800 was immersed in the river- fresh water.

I am so mad I can hardly contain myself.

There was no need for the capsize other than clumsiness of the other person.

He has not offered to compensate me or expressed any concern for my loss.

And I thought he was a friend.....

What do I replace it with ? 800 , 800E, or 600. I am totally bummed .

Perhaps your thread should have read...

While canoeing, I was stupid enough to take along my expensive, unprotected camera gear.

I am so mad at my stupidity, that I need to blame someone else... I know - what about my "friend".

I cannot believe the canoe capsized - surely that's impossible?

Someone should pay for my stupidity - I know - what about my "friend"

And I thought he was my friend - (lucky, lucky, friend).

What do I replace it with?...        Please don't.



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