Why no large sensors?

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Re: Why no large sensors?

yvind Strm wrote:

Hi Mike

If it has been discussed before? You bet.

Here are some key issues:

    Sigma just bought Foveon some 4 years ago, and at that time they planned the SD1M, which at announcement was superior to most other Dslrs IQ wise. Unfortunately, delays and pricing (and other specs) prevented it from being a success.

  • Sigma had no choice but to buy Foveon Inc.  When the latter announced they were in dire straights financially and on the point of going bankrupt Sigma had to buy them to secure the only supply of sensors for their new up and coming SD15 project, which they had already invested a lot of money on developing.  If Sigma had not bought Foveon Inc. there would have been no SD15 in the first place.  Sigma would have had to write off all the money already spent of developing the SD15 and there would have been none of the subsequent models with Foveon X3 sensors we have today...Sigma would have ended up being  just another manufacturer using conventional Bayer/CFA sensors...Lucky for all of us here, Yamaki San wasn't prepared to go down that road, no matter how much it cost.
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