RX100 image quality in good light vs Canon S95 or Sony NEX-5N

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Re: Own the S90-S95-RX100

technic wrote:

RX100 has better image quality in most conditions, but ergonomics are not the best and it lacks 24mm wide and good macro. And there was a significant price difference with other quality compacts in most areas.

However, prices keep dropping and even in Europe I would not be surprised if RX100 drops below the psychological EUR 500 level before Christmas. Other new quality compacts like LX-7 and S110 got cheaper quickly after introduction, but the price difference with RX100 is getting smaller and the newer XZ-2 and G15 are almost at RX100 price level ...

If Sony can drop the price a bit more they will steal a lot of sales from the competition.

By the money rates of this very day.. if you convert the 500 Euros to UKP you get £401 .. so if you still think of the UK market rather than the general Euro market.. there IS just one that meets the stated requirements..  a UK Online Seller that IS well established and indeed where I bought my own RX-100 from..imported it may be but it came to me absolutely perfect in every way.. seals where they should be (3 of them)...a standard UK type charger connector.. and no problems at all.  They ARE the only one as far as I know that just meets the proposed need foir a good Market price, Amazon are still above the level but ARE regularly showing reductions and indeed as a Christmas push I'll not be urprised if they don't offer something in the next couple of weeks or so.  
But to revert to the original OP..  I've had the S95 for quite awhile now and indeed I feel that camera is quite excellent for what it doies.. ridiculously lacking in anything to stop it being a simple carry-everywhere camera - an excelent lens and very capable results in almost any general situation.  Just over a year ago now I needed a couple of shots of a piece of equipment for record purposes..in a shop with decent light but not open-daylight of course.  I got this with ease.. barely an edit other than my usual downsize to give a more  reasonable viewing  .. not bad at all I thought...

On another occasion I needed a similar type pic and again used te S95 in a shop..AND it was not until I got back home that I realised that in some way I'd changed my ISO setting to ISO 2500.. what I thought would be a bit disastrous.. I got this , and again with barely a downsize and 'Levels' check in edits.. at the time I thought it a bit incredible for the camera used ..

... and just yesteday I needed a shot of my RX-100 to show to someone ..again with the S95...

There are times when I think of the S95 as 'old' (I suppose much the same may be applied to the S90 and the S100 ..I've no idea how the models compare) ..  but it IS certainly the case that these are pretty good little cameras.   Yet in spite of this..now having the RX-100 for about a month or so..and putting it pretty hard through its paces to literally check the usage in differing light.. I really do find it anmazing what the RX is capable of..shooting at ISO 6400 I've found not a major problem at all.  it is truly a ground-breaker in many ways..it may still be a little higher price - buit you most certinly get that value without a doubt.

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