RX100 SD Card play on iPod or ??

Started Nov 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: RX100 SD Card play on iPod or ??

BillSprague wrote:

cllcanada wrote:

The only format the iPad won't handle is AVCHD video

Are you saying that I have to lower the quality of the video to use an iPad? I don't understand.

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Bill Sprague

This is unfortunately true.  It makes no senses that 1080 AVCHD videos cannot be viewed on the new ipads amazing retina display.  It also makes no sense that in its 3d generation the ipad still does does not have an SD slot.  Apple is playing their old marketing game to make old ipad owners want to upgrade in a year or two  for new features. This marketing strategy has cut into their market share.

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