Manual lenses on Sigma SD15

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Re: Manual lenses on Sigma SD15

vlad2304 wrote:

I have M42-Sigma SA adapter and as I am in Russia there are a lot of cheap manual lenses for M42 bayonet here.

My question is:

- is it troublesome using manual focus lenses on SD15 (correct focusing and aperture settings)?

Not once you get used to it...I actually prefer using MF to using AF with the SD10 and SD14, because of their pitifully slow AF speed compared to their competitors, and the totally unreliable focus lock which allows the lens to continually hunt for focus, focussing manually actually works out to be a lot faster in practice!

- what lenses will you recommend basing on your experience?

Loads, but alas only a few from Russia...The Helios 40-2 85mm f1.5 is definetely worth having as its very usable wide open and is great for taking portraits.  Its only flaw is that it can have "swirly" bokeh at certain focus distances in shots with detailed OOF backgorunds.  I hear good things about the bokeh quality of some of the longer Tair's though.  However, you will usually get better quality from East German made soviet era M42 lenses (Carl Zeiss/Pentacon/Meyer Optik etc), and even better quality from Japanese or West German made M42 lenses.  I say usually because there will obviously be exeptions, its just a matter of finding them.

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