Focus point(s) on Nex-6?

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Re: Focus point(s) on Nex-6?

NEX 6 shows you the areas of the picture it thinks are in focus, when you half-press the shutter button. It does this with green "boxes".

The NEX 6, in multi-area focus mode will "find" focus across almost the entire width and height of the frame, though it prefers the central region. It seems to prefer to focus on the closest thing within that region.

If you have the grid of PDAF crosses showing, then the size of this grid incidates the "preferred" area in the centre of the frame where focussing takes place.

The NEX 6 will occasionally find focus outside of this central region.

If you want to choose a focus area then you have 3 choices:

  1. the centre AF area, only
  2. the flexible focus point, which you can steer almost anywhere in the frame using the NESW directions on the control wheel
  3. object tracking

The flexible focus point is a real pain to use. It's only useful when you have a tripod in my view. Using this is much worse than on my Sony R1 or on my old Minolta digicams which also have flexible focus point.

Object tracking, on the other hand, works really well. I have bound the object tracking feature to the bottom soft button. It's pretty easy to use efficiently:

  1. click the soft button to activate the tracking focus point
  2. aim the focus point at the object by pointing the camera
  3. press the OK button

The camera will now retain that object for focussing while I recompose, re-zoom and fire some pictures. It'll turn off object tracking if it loses sight of the object for more than a few seconds. You can also cancel the mode simply with the cancel button.

There's no way to preselect a region of focus points for AF. The flexible focus point is the closest you can get to that and it's fiddlesome.

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