Microsoft Surface storage space.

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Re: A bit much of what?

If you buy a tablet that says 32GB then you "expect" to have left the same type of space that other tablets of the same generation/level of equipment/price provide. that is the only possible comparison when purchasing something. I wouldnt say that 50% used by  the OS is "normal". I dont rhink its something for the courts though.

you can buy a cheap Msd card (I think it can take up to 64GB) that will give all the memory you need. The Ipad and one or two Samsung tablets dont have an sd port so you have to keep uninstalling and reorganizing the apps/memory so as not to overload the tablet. I for one will not buy another phone/tablet that does not have an MSD/SD port. I was going to get the HTC 8X but when I realised it had no micro sd I gave up. Will wait for the Nokias

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