Windows 8 sales 'well below' projections, report claims

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Re: Windows 8 sales 'well below' projections, report claims

Unlike you most of you guys I think win8 is going to be a success and its the right move.

If win 8 sales are below target its because people (mostly retail market) are still hurt from the vista debacle and the other shenanigans from MS. Win 8 will eventually sell well when people realise that it works well and gives then an IOS-ification of the OS with tons of eye candy and tons of apps (eventually) that are easily installed an uninstalled making it very user friendly. If  MS makes another couple of tablets and pushes (and sticks) with Metro  the retail customer will eventually catch on. It may take time to change mentalities but it will spread. I for one have been pushing it to friends and family and have no regrets.

My take on the move is that the mass retail PC is dead and MS had to push with a tablet friendly OS that works both on tablets and desktop, Apple is going that way and Microsoft just leaped ahead of them, lets hope they are ready for this and dont make another blunder. If they can do something that works well with the phones, tablets and desktops then they are onto a winner.

The blogs are not being impartial and I don’t understand why on one hand they say that the PC is dead and when MS creates an all in one OS that for me is one of the most user friendly MS has ever made, they criticise it. Something isn’t right here.

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