Weight: system more important than sensor size?

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Re: Weight: system more important than sensor size?

ultimoamore wrote:

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ultimoamore wrote:

and you can shoot at ISO 400 on FF when you're shooting at ISO 100 on m43


EM5 = 3200 ISO

Yep, a 36MP camera vs a 16MP one....

Low-Light ISO dxo test:

2293 ISO for 5D mark III

OMD -> 826 ISO

again, 24mp vs 16mp..........

If smaller sensor were better, we would be using our cell phones, not m43.

does that mean that we should go large format? No. It means we should find the "best" compromise. That's why I'm looking at m43.

Sure, and I won't suggest that the E-M5 outperforms the D800, but the low light capability of the E-M5 (at least up to ISO 3200) or indeed the E-PL5 stand up well to cameras using the Sony 16mp APS-c sensor and exceeds IMHO the performance of the NEX-7 greatly (but DXO rates the NEX-7 more highly) see: DXO

I think that says more about DXOmark than it does about the cameras concerned...

Also, FF isn't instrinsically superior to M43s. Indeed, for many purposes it's better because of the increased DOF and that's one of the reasons many people use it (rather than it being a weakness).

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