Q – Top selling camera in Japan. Congrats Pentax!

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Zvonimir Tosic
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Strangely, digital K is now a backup for my Q ...

.. and the film camera.

I think I became a bit wiser (or crazier) and took a bit of advice from my art education classes and approached my photography in a more imaginative way. Imaginative it is at least to me.

Figuratively, instead of painting one picture with one brush only and directly onto same size canvas — which inevitably in time produces boring pictures and a style less likely to evolve — I take more sketches first, and then more unpredictable means to finish large pieces.

So Q acts as a sketchbook, and the film camera is then a tool I play with to create more complex work. I take both in the field. Q setup is simple, and film setup too — both cost less than a K body alone. When I spot something worth working on, I take Q to do test shots, measure exposure, see possibilities from different angles. I take lots of sketches, so to speak. Then I reflect on that, see possibilities and finalise idea with a film camera. I deliberately choose film and limit myself to a maximum of 2-3 shots per theme/subject.

So there is a moment of relief (sketching with Q and sketching is meant to be easy) and also a moment of pressure (shooting with film, without ability to see results immediately). Film developing also costs. But I think that cost is important — it creates pressure to think twice before pressing a shutter button.

But why I do that, why not using digital K-mount camera and forget about it all?

Hard to describe, but I find results to be more predictable then, and the workflow too easy. Like painting using same big brush and same paints all the time. Shooting with a camera like K5 is way too easy. But if it's too easy to take pictures, then there is no real value in them, no real excitement. With no obstacles of some kind that we have circumvented to achieve a picture, or if there is no breakthrough, there are no challenges that help us learn more and experience more.

I take digital K-mount camera when I go and must take pictures that are predictable in output and in purpose. Pictures for obligations, so to speak.

Not sure if this post had any relation to the original post of this thread but I reacted to your own reflection about the K5 and the Q of yours. Thank you Ricardo.

Raist3d wrote:

the interesting part is how the Q10 out of the gate is already going up in the ranks! like #16 already.


But still the Q is still sold for some amount and the Q black holds #13. Quite something. The price was the #1 issue in the past, now that the system is getting its lenses, and Pentax confirming they already started the Q10 successor development event, the mount is here to stay.

No wonder, it's selling!


Interesting tidbit: I went out with my K-5 today to remember I have one. I got a couple of nice shots and I really like the tonality... but truth is... I missed the Q. I almost left the bag in a place by accident (K-5) already - the Q and me don't' have that problem since it always goes in my pocket.

Anyway, in the end the camera is just a tool. Interesting though how the Q mount which was dismissed by sensor alone is doing well after all.

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