Canon 7D vs. Pentax k-5

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Re: Canon 7D vs. Pentax k-5

Robert J. Gonzalez wrote:

I'll make it easy for you.


Get the 7d

iLinkola wrote:

Hi everyone!
I'm having hard times, cause I'm moving on from Sony.

I won a Pentax k-5 body from a photo competition, but can't decide wether I should start to work with that or sell my sony and the pentax, and buy a canon 7d...

I've read multiple articles about these cameras, but it just makes the decision harder..

I've read that the k-5 has much better image quality ( ), but I don't know how much I believe that comparison.

thank you

What you said does not help with decision really. That is a true definition of troll. Trolling is lame. He already won the prize he got K-5 Body and if he sell it will be sold as second hand at much lower value is a waste of money. Better keep the K5 and get some wonderful quality lens to choose from. Pentax K5 has better lower noise than Sony to compare overall in review. And Pentax K5 uses Sony sensor. Get some good quality Pentax Lens and bob your uncle all ready to take pic. Oh in fact Pentax K5 high iso looks better than Canon overall and even in low iso noise in shadow there is no noise in Pentax but Canon does have it in shadow noise in low iso. And Pentax has more colours on it and better dynamic range as well. You would prefer better than other. There are more option to play with in camera. Thats best way.

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