Why no digital ISO50 ?

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Re: Why no digital ISO50 ?

Jack Hogan wrote:

GordonBGood wrote: In summary, you will likely never find a modern sensor with a real ISO 50 as most modern sensors are optimized for higher iSO sensitivity use in low light, and if one really needs low sensitivity one can use a Neutral Density (ND) filter of a wide range of standard densities.

I wonder if this will change with the next generation of sensors, with usable PDRs exceeding 12 stops. We are already starting to see ways to change the Full Well Count dynamically (as in Aptina's latest designs) - and I wonder whether DSLR manufacturers couldn't design a new semi-transparent-mirror to optionally leave down during capture, therefore acting like a 4+ stop built-in ND filter.

Jack, I sincerely doubt that DSLR manufacturers will go to the expense of designing and adding such as feature when it is so easy just to add an external ND filter.

Regards, GordonBGood

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