X-E1 AF observation and question

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Re: X-E1 AF observation and question

wy2lam wrote:

During my test with my X-E1 (newest firmware on body and lenses), I found that when focusing mode is set to manual focus and then use the AE-L/AF-L button to AF (a set-up similar to my preferred way of focusing on my previous Pent@x and Nik0n bodies), the AF is a tad slower than when I set it to Single and half press, and without a green confirmation box.

Is it normal? If so I hope a firmware fix will address it. In my opinion focusing in this manner should behave just like AF (with the additional benefit of a DoF scale


Correct, no green box for you in manual mode i'm afraid. I don't think the AF speed is massively different, but it does sound audibly different (minor change) for whatever reason.

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