Does the GH3 have a 16MP electronic shutter mode?

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Re: Does the GH3 have a 16MP electronic shutter mode?

Big Ga wrote:

I thought this was worth asking as most people seem to be assuming it does, however:

1. This was initially assumed because the G5 has it, and initially people thought the GH3 would have an enhanced Panasonic sensor.

2. if the GH3 does indeed have the EM5 sensor .... well .... the EM5 doesn't have Electronic Shuttering - maybe there is a limitation with that sensor type?

3. Don't ask me where I've read it, but I do distinctly recall reading a review/interview with some video bloke and a Panny rep where it was stated the GH3 does have electronic shutter mode - but only low res, and not in the full 16MP mode we have in the G5. However I have also seen other reviews where it has been stated the opposite, so who is right?

Anyone know for sure??

the best source of information would be the manual, I tried to look for it, but it doesn't seem to be available on the UK download page .  I wasn't more happy on the s website.

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