Birding with the XZ-1

Started Nov 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Aaron Sur Senior Member • Posts: 1,160
Re: Birding with the XZ-1

Hi Tim,

I got to within about 8 feet any closer and I would have spooked them . Observe the body language of the parents to know when you are perceived as a threat. Stealth and patience is what is needed.

I dont crop the photos much , the second shot in the second series is the one I cropped a bit .

the camera has a stellar lens but sensor is average and small so I try to get the framing and exposure right in situ, nice smooth curve on histogram .

These guys are relatively easy the one below is a bit more difficult , nasty claws for instance ,and the the telephoto on the XZ-1 does not get you far enough away . This particular individual about 1 metre in length has figured out how to get the nesting boxes open looking for a snack



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