Advantages of SLR in today's world

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Re: I agree, wholeheartedly...

TOF guy wrote:

As I said, it comes down to HOW you use it. Today's SLRs are much larger than yesterdays are. For Manual lenses, they are worse in every way: smaller viewfinder, finger wrap grips, heavier, bulkier, and more buttons to accidentally push.

You made me reach for my FE. I forgot how light it is. Also we used light compact primes with these cameras. The combo is so light that there is no need for anything like a grip. I do hold the camera with the fingers, but there is no need of a grip because of the weight. It's true that the shutter is very well located: it falls naturally just at the right location under the finger.

But today we uses zooms and in particular the f2.8 ones are heavy. There is no way I could hold the FE comfortably with my 24-70 f2.8 attached. I need a body shaped for that.

It's hard to compare the viewfinders. The D800 seems to have a slightly larger VF when looking at the camera. But once the eye is against the VF the view on the FE seems to fill the field of vision better. In fact after looking at the FE VF then at the D800 VF the latter gives me a little the impression of looking through a tunnel.

I can't remember the last time I accidentally hit the wrong button on a dSLR. There are many more functions to access on a digital camera than on an SLR, and buttons are the best way (as opposed to digging through menu and the like). Comparing the two and considering the fact that I've very rarely reached for the wrong button on the D800e makes me realize what a great job Nikon did with the button layout on its dSLRs.

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Overall, the D800 is an excellent digital camera. It is just that I don't use the buttons they put there. I use: shutter button, ISO button, exposure ring (wish it were a dial like it was for years), playback, delete, etc.

It is the best option available now and I am using and enjoying it, but as soon as I use it after using my FE, it is a step backward in terms of ergonomics (I don't use zooms), viewfinder brightness and size, and grip/location of controls.

But, the way I shoot is obviously either dated or has simply been outgrown. Bugger.

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