X-E1: Viewfinder is horrible and kit zoom is heavy, but then ...

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Re: X-E1: Viewfinder is horrible and kit zoom is heavy, but then ...

mngsmt wrote:

Hi all,

FWIW, I was able to try out an X-E1 today at two shops and these are my 2 cent (may be useful for those who consider buying online without previously trying out the camera):

  • Built quality not as sturdy as i would like but certainly nice enough.
  • The kit zoom is very heavy and does not balance well with the body. Two-handed operation is mandatory.
  • Coming from an APS-C pentaprism viewfinder (and previously film SLR), I found the EVF, although state of the art, to be horrible. Very contrasty and ugly picture. I guess, however, that you may just get used to it and hope there's a way of adjusting its contrast.

My conclusion: I'll probably go for the 35/1.4 kit, skip the zoom and hope I'll get used to the EVF. Let's see what others think.

I think to call the EVF "horrible" is a bit unfair.  When compared to EVFs in other cameras it's actually pretty good.

I think your argument should really be that you prefer OVF more than EVF, and that would be  fair enough.  I've adjusted to life with an EVF, but then I had some practice with my old NEX-7 first so it's become fairly natural now.  Prior to that I used a D300 and although there's a big difference between EVF / OVF, for some reason I didn't get too caught up in it.  There are pros and cons.

For me, the weight of the X-E1 + 18-55 isn't an issue.  With my D300 I was getting close to 2kg with some of the Nikkor zooms, so there's quite a contrast

Having said all that, everyone has their own requirements & opinions.  Interesting points.

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