The British Museum with my E-PL5

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Re: It's a good place

Len_Gee wrote:


Nice pics. Enjoyed them all.

But is it really true the British mostly stole the artworks? Have any of the countries ask for their stlen art returned back to them?

Back to a few questions about the camera:

Does the EPL5 image stabilazation hum like in the EPM5?

And is the shutter sound as quiet or more quiet than EPM5?

Do you use the clip on EVF?

I prefer the rangefinder style over the mini DSLR MFT so thinking of getting a black EPL5 + EVF as a travel camera.

Thanks for posting.

Hi there

Thank you!

As to the provenance of the exhibits, many were acquired in ways that may seem morally or ethically dubious now (I reference this in my blog post). Certainly I'm aware of demands having been made for the return of certain exhibits by Nigeria, Egypt and Greece (most people are probably aware of the debate around the Elgin marbles).

I'm not sure how many were "stolen" in the traditional sense of the word. There are certainly exhibits that were acquired through the expansion of the British Empire (which fall closest to that definition), but the most contentious ones seem to be those where there is a debate around whether people were given good value for what was acquired (as an example, think about Peter Minuit's purchase of Manhattan Island for 60 guilders, the equivalent of about $1000) or where (as in the case of the Elgin marbles) the relevant authorities (from where the exhibits were acquired) at the time don't represent the current nation states concerned (by way of example, in the case of Greece, the Ottoman administration in Athens pre independence of Greece from the Ottoman empire).

As I said to another poster, I suspect the above is sufficiently off topic that a debate would be better hosted on my blog post or elsewhere...

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