macro choices: oly 60mm or PL45?

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Re: macro choices: oly 60mm or PL45?

Lights wrote:

I don't mean to butt in, but how can anyone determine anything concerning color with DPR's compression algorithms? That flatten everything out? In the galleries, I've pretty much given up on posting color shots, and only post B&W. Simon says they are aware and working on the problems of display. Detail man has done much digging into this subject and doing a search may yield answers to how DPR displays images. I do like the shots, but think DPR probably flattened them out.

You can't determine anything in absolute values but you should be able to roughly compare one image to another.

I have given up posting images at all here. Not only because of the colours but also for the new blurriness and size altering introduced by DPR along with the fact you lose control over your own images.

This is a side track though.



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