Unable to disable Long Term Noise Reduction in Bulb mode?

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Re: Unable to disable Long Term Noise Reduction in Bulb mode?

I may not be relevant to your 2-3 minute requisite, however I remember that someone said that with digital cameras, noise becomes apparent when the shutter it kept open for long periods of time. The several hours that traditional cameras' shutters would be kept open for. Others said that the solonoid would burn out keeping the shutter open for that long. I can certainly attest to the first note about noise. Im not sure of the term used for it other than noise, but the sensors' 'weak' spots become apparent in my nx200 when I try to capture the stars in bulb mode for 240sec. I couldnt understand what it was, they weren't stars but they looked like it

It turns out that the sensor 'heats up' and these hot spots manifest themselves on a pitch black background as a pixel or several adjacent pixels on the sensor become very bright. There was maybe 3 specs on the photo that I could clearly see. It was apparent on several photos during that session and I think they were all in the same location in each photo.

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