Gh1 AVCHD FHD .mts files - how to join them successfully

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Re: Gh1 AVCHD FHD .mts files - how to join them successfully

Dan Clark wrote:

Adobe Premiere CS5 works fine. No problems. I've never tried it, but Apple FCP (Final Cut Pro) for the Mac is supposed to work nicely too.

In Premiere, just add your clips to your project, drag to a sequence, edit to taste and export in any one of a number of formats. With a compatible CUDA card, many of the video effects like Levels and Sharpen are greatly accelerated using that video card. And you can add various clips of different types to the same project and even the same sequence. I have one sequence that includes GH1 and GH2 .mts files, clips converted to .mov and .mt4. No problem.



SuperGuy wrote:

I’m having serious problems joining my numerous .mts files into one playable file. I’ve tried plenty of software that says they’ll do the job – tsmuxer, eac3to, multiAVCHD, Pavtube MTS converter etc. etc. All of them had problems – mostly it was the audio syncing that was the main issue.

Even the might Sony Vegas. I put 27 files into the timeline and rendered to the Sony AVC settings which I read is the way to go for AVCHDs and there were audio sync problems deeper into the clip played through popcorn hour media player with the plasma tv. What should I be doing? I’ve got the NTSC GH1 and this talk about pulldown – do I need to do it just to join (I’m not trimming/ cutting) the files?

Michael Reichmann (the guru) in Luminous Landscape mentioned something about audio syncing problems but I believe that only applies to the Motion JPG format – am I right that the AVCHD files shouldn’t have any audio sync problems. It’s a shame because the picture came out ok with the Vegas render except the audio started to go out of sync deeper into the clip.

You can use the top Mac AVCHD Coverter to have a try, I have been using it for a long time. It can help you merge/join AVCHD MTS/M2TS files into one single  with original video qualuity.

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