the 18-55 at focale lenth 23 COMPARED to X100 at FL 23 ; ISO 3200!

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Re: It would probably be better to compare......


I can't see a lot to be gained by comparing a fast lens and a slower lens at their own maximum apertures.  Even if they're both excellent, you can predict what you're going to see. That doesn't make one better than the other when they have different purposes.  The zoom has zero performance at f2.  The prime has zero performance at any other FL.  It's horses for courses.

Zoom resolution can sometimes be very high.  We might learn more about the difference between the prime and the zoom if we were to look at other aspects.  The prime should have a theoretical advantage over the zoom in aspects like light fall off, flare resistance, and CAs. It would be good to see how it performs at various FLs - perhaps Photozone will do a test in the near future - there's a lot of interest.


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