How can I cancel the RX1 order with Adorama

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Re: How can I cancel the RX1 order with Adorama

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It's probably the same as with B&H, you have to call customer service. I've had no problem canceling or modifying order by phone with B&H, not sure about Adorama's C/S.

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Thank you.

So Amazon online sales system is way better than those shops, you can do almost anything without a need of calling anybody. I hate calling since I had bad experiences like misunderstandings etc. And I am on the otherside of the planet, neatly. Why they do not implement online cancellation, unification of orders, changing shipping or billing address and many more... Why? I hate it when such companies like BH and Adorama makes millions and do not bother increasing/enhancing their services.

Would they ship my order when the last item is available or will they ship it in a couple shipments, this is not even mentioned in the order summary.

I've cancelled preorders with Adorama by replying to the email they sent confirming the order. It's always been easy and fast to cancel electronically.

I will do it and I will also call them.

However I would expect frm a reputable international seller to offer online tools to tweak the order, I am really frustrated with the lack of it and I still do not know how they will ship my order, all in one shipments or as items get ready without waiting the backordered ones. This info should be there and maybe it's so and I can not see it or maybe theyr have a policy favouring one by default, well I have to make an exploration of their site, faq, etc. ı guess.

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