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Re: Sensor dust - Using compressed air

Dabbler wrote:

I would not use a blower inside the sensor housing. There are well prescribed methods for dealing with sensor dust but a blower is just as likely to put more dust on the sensor from dust in the housing than remove it from the sensor. Does the X-Pro1 have a built in sensor cleaning feature like on the Nikons? The key is to break the static cling of the sensor. Hopefully you won't have to wet clean it. With no IR filter it's easier to damage than other sensors.

First, Dabbler is wrong. Whilst the X-Pro doesn't have an AA filter it does have an Infra Red filter. so any dust is stuck to a glass surface not silicon.

I've had my X-Pro 1 now for about six months. And there are a few stubborn specs which refuse to move, even with a conventional hand blower.

Using a compressed air cylinder can cure these, provided you strictly obey simple rules:-


1. Try and identify the dust location,. Try a shot at F22 against a clear sky with a long lens (if possible)

2. Once identified - Don't forget that the image you see is inverted. So what you see in, say the top LH cormer is really the bottom RH Corner on the sensor

3. If possible confirm the positions optically

Now to clean:-

1. Important !! Keep the cylinder upright and still - No shaking!!

2 Give a hard blow on a clean piece of glass (optical filter) to check that no propellant is being ejected. If it does - Throw it away, or only use it for cleaning your keyboard!

3. Don't bring the cylinder to the camera - Bring the camera to the cylinder.

4 Having identified the dust location(s) fire off short bursts af air as close to the dust location as you feel safe to bring the fine nozzle of the cylinder.

5 Try and blow the dust away with the nozzle at 45 Deg to the surface of the sensor. Direct blowing at right angles can force the sticky dust to spread - Here we are trying to flick it off using air.

Now repeat the identification. if it hasn't worked  Possibly repeat it once. Then I would suggest getting it professionally cleaned.

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