Who is left?

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Re: Who is left?

Wheatfield wrote:

Adimeer Judta wrote:

Wheatfield wrote:

Adimeer Judta wrote:

General McChrystal

General Patraeus

General Allen

Remember General MacArthur?

Once they get rid of all the greats for having common human foibles what milquetoasts will be left? It appears the US military is turning into a politically correct organization and all the hard-won military experience is swept away. The word "eviscerate" comes to mind. What would General Eisenhower think?

What would happen if they let this stuff slide, and the enemy got to these generals through their mistresses? Governments have fallen because of things like this. (clipped)

If it were considered a private matter then there would be nothing to blackmail about. We all have relations with many people Can the "enemy get to" a general through his wife/mother/sister/brother? Seems implausible.

You've never heard of kidnapping a family member to get to someone? You've never heard of "pillow talk" giving away state secrets? It must be a nice little bubble you live in, but it isn't part of the real world.

The insults seem unnecessary.

Yes, kidnapping of family etc all happen, which just shows that either the General has to be a single orphan, or having a mistress is no worse than having family members.

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