Anonymous joins Hamas!

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Re: [Insert most of world here] joins Hamas!

boggis the cat wrote:

drh681 wrote:

I venture to say they may not like the results any better than the rocket crews.

If listing those opposed to the Israeli government behaviour, don't forget the UN Human Rights Commission, the International Court of Justice, the USA and EU (in the case of illegal settlements on Palestinian land), and many other people opposed to fascist states (including a lot of Israelis).

Anonymous are not actually "joining Hamas", of course; but certainly seem critical of the Israeli government's penchant for indiscriminate murder.

Well attacking a nations data infrastructure can be as damaging as a stray Katushya landing on a market.

I fully expect whatever hijacked network Anonymous uses to be the recipient of some counter-activity.

If I were running such an operation I'd leave a few "undiscovered" and apparently safe.

Start watching for odd accidents to anarch/hipster scum.

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