Pentax K-5 II vs IIs: sample image moire removal report

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Pentax K-5 II vs IIs: sample image moire removal report

Hi All,

I decided to download the DPR K-5 II and K-5 IIs standard studio sample images and try a standard post-production software that includes moire removal. The following are my results and conclusions in brief.

1) The K-5 IIs image showed moire in seven parts of the scene that I could find.

2) The K-5 II also showed moire in three of these.

3)  The moire detected falls into three categories: Print half-toning (n=3), natural feathers (n=3), and textiles (n=1).

4) The K-5 II showed no moire in two instances of feather and two instances of print half-toning where the K-5 IIs did show some.

5) The PP tool was only successful in completely removing moire in two of the instances, both of which were in the print half-toning category, and one of which was shared by the two cameras.

6) A third instance of half-toning moire seen in the K-5 IIs had its colour component negated by the tool, which left behind significant luminance moire.

7) Therefore, it seems that if the moire is due to feathers or textiles, nothing short of blurring will save you.

8) Discolouration of the target or adjacent areas is a common side-effect of the moire removal brush (n=2). This may also lead one to prefer blurring as a solution.

Based on this small sample, moire would seem to occur nearly three times more often on a K-5 IIs and be cumbersome to fix in post processing. If your photos do not contain feathers, textiles or print products, you are unlikely to be affected by this.

Added note: Moire additionally occurred in one area on the K-5 IIs (and faintly so on the K-5 II) that appears to be a paper product but did not seem to include colour printing. This instance may be due to interference between fine black lines on the print product. The effect was completely removed using the tool, for both cameras.

Pentax K-5 II Pentax K-5 IIs
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